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Terms  & Conditions


For the purpose of this rental agreement:

Face Painting By Liz V (FPBLV) shall mean the Rental Company, its owners, officers, directors, and employees; Customer(s) shall mean Customers, guests/visitors of customer, and their agents, contractors and/or employees.

  • Rental Agreement shall mean the itemized list of items contained in the electronic estimate or invoice emailed or faxed to the Customer, who by virtue of having signed the estimate or invoice, and/or paid an advance deposit or in full, expresses his or her agreement with the contents of the Estimate or Invoice.

  • Rental Center shall mean Face Painting By Liz V’s showroom or warehouse, or any other facility owned or leased by Face Painting By Liz V where the storage, maintenance or transfer of its equipment occurs.

When booking an installation for an event with Face Painting By Liz V “FPBLV”, the following document serves as reference to FPBLV and the Terms & Conditions. FPBLV highly recommends that all installations be scheduled at minimum, 30 days, however we will accept installation dates as early as 2 weeks prior to the date of your event. Depending on availability.

​Your event is not officially booked, until deposit is made and the Terms & Conditions are received by FPBLV. There will be a due date for final payment prior to the date of installation.For big orders, normally one month prior to your date.


Retainer Fee

A retainer fee of 50% of the total billed, will be required in order to reserve any date(s). After the balance of the installation is determined, the Client understands they are responsible for paying the remaining balance of the retainer fee. If the Client wishes to not utilize the services of FPBLV, any payments made towards the retainer fee are forfeited and considered non refundable.

Payments Made

Payments can be made with Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex. Failure to make the required payment by the given due date may result in any/all of the following:

•Invalidation and removal of any applicable discounts, special promotions, complimentary services,etc.

•The forfeiture of any payments already made.

•The release of event date and time.

•Termination of the contract.



FPBLV is an event company specializing in kids entertainment, party rentals, balloon decor and much more. Anyone retaining services via FPBLV will be required to pay a retainer fee based on the size, detail, and value of the installation. This payment is expected to be paid in full prior to any services being rendered to the Client.

No refunds are given for any payments towards the retainer fee, even if the retainer fee is not paid in full.

No refunds are given for any payments made towards the remaining balance of the installation order

regardless of the situation. We understand situations arise that will either require the Client to cancel or reschedule their event, and although we are empathetic to those situations, we are unable to refund any payments made. When we accept an order, we begin working immediately on selecting the best designs and decor needed to accomplish our goal, a perfect installation for your event. The retainer fee, retains FPBLV. For your installation and the remaining balance is used to order any materials, supplies, as well as cover any labor, traveling expenses, etc. 

As long as a written notification is received by FPBLV 60days prior to your date and the cancellations/rescheduling guidelines are followed, we are able to reschedule the installation depending on availability. Failure to inform FPBLV by the required time for the cancellation/rescheduling of an installation, may result in any/all of the following:

• The forteture of any payments already made

• The release of event date and time

• Termination of the contract

• Cancellation fees

Failure to have the entire balance paid for, regardless the dollar amount, will result in a cancelled installation and forfeited payments, which can not be refunded or transfered.

Rescheduling & Cancellations


The Client has the freedom to reschedule the installation with a written 60 (sixty) day notice. The reschedule date is subject to availability. If we are unavailable, the below cancellation policies and fees will apply. We suggest that if the Client needs to reschedule, they include the preferred date to reschedule as well as a second choice, in the event that the first choice is unavailable.



The Client has the freedom to cancel at any time. Please be aware, any and all payments made towards any of the following, including but not limited to; retainer fee, materials, supplies, labor, etc. will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Reductions & Changes

Removing or adding items to an installation can not be done after the Terms & Conditions have been signed. A separate order may be placed for any additions the Client wishes to have for the event. This includes 50% of the total balance of the new order as a retainer fee.



It is the Client’s sole responsibility to confirm if the venue allows; helium tanks, helium balloons, tall structures, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. prior to any payment made to FPBLV. If the Client fails to confirm the venue’s rules for balloons, helium tanks/balloons, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. prior to making any payment(s), said payment(s) will be forfeited and considered non-refundable. Any items rented for a venue location will be delivered and picked up same date. No exceptions..


Any and all equipment and props are property of FPBLV and will be returned to FPBLV


Ownership of Equipment & Materials

All equipment, materials, and props used for the installation, are the sole property of FPBLV and are used on a rental basis only.

• The Client is responsible for access to retrieve said equipment, materials, and props after the event.

• Signing the Terms & Conditions makes the Client solely responsible for the equipment, during and after the event, until surrendered back to FPBLV.

• Any damage or vandalism that occurs to any of the property of FPBLV during the event, including any damage or vandalism that occurs due to the Client’s guests, will result in the Client accepting sole responsibility for the property of FPBLV and agrees to have the card on file charged or be sent an invoice and agrees to pay it. This includes but is not limited to misuse, theft..


Outdoor Events


By signing the Terms & Conditions, the Client acknowledges that some balloon decor may be affected by temperature and humidity, something that FPBLV can not be held liable for. FPBLV will not be held liable for the reaction of any balloon decor to the weather or uncontrollable acts of nature including but not limited to rain, wind, or extreme heat. FPBLV NEVER guarantees perfect results for any installation done outdoors or in these uncontrollable situations.

• It is the Client’s sole responsibility to have an alternate location available and ready in the event the original location is not able to be utilized. Failure to do so will cause the payments to be forfeited and considered non refundable.

• Dangerous weather and natural disasters are only accepted if acknowledged by a local state/government official.

• If the Client cancels the event due to rain or other bad weather, not designated as “dangerous weather”or “natural disaster”, the Client understands that the payments will be forfeited and considered nonrefundable. The payments will not be transferable.

Display & Promotion

By signing the Terms & Conditions, the Client agrees that FPBLV may use the decorated display including video recordings and photographs for usage on the official FPBLV website, including but not limited to social media networks, flyers, billboards, displays, commercials, and any other form of promotional marketing.

All Rentals installed by FPBLV are the property of FPBLV, in return FPBLV reserves the right to utilize any/all photographs and video recordings as deemed necessary, for promotional use. 

Vendors & Event Coordinators

• FPBLV is not responsible for assisting other vendors in tasks related to their designated field.

• FPBLV is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work space, installing our Rentals, party rentals, balloon decor and cleaning up the workspace utilized by FPBLV. 

• FPBLV is not responsible for poor services rendered by other vendors. It will be the Client’s responsibility to settle any discrepancies with the vendors directly.

• FPBLV will not refund any payments made due to other vendors hindering or becoming detrimental to the progress and quality of the installation.

• FPBLV expects any Client working with an Event Coordinator to ensure their coordinator is abreast of the installation arrangements prior to the day of the event.


In the event FPBLV deems the event or the installation to be unsafe, FPBLV has the authority and obligation to refuse service of the installation until the unsafe situation is made safe again. If the Clients guests or other vendors have made the installation or location unsafe, the Client assumes full responsibility and pays any fees for travel, rentals, staff, etc.. If ever there is a safety issue such as this, FPBLV will exercise our right to refuse service and the Client/Client’s guests will be blacklisted. 


Please be advised that prices are subject to change without notice.

In reference to leasing the rental item(s) / equipment described on the Rental Agreement, it is agreed as follows:


Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented, and protect all persons and property from injury or damage.

Customer agrees to hold Face Painting By Liz V harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys’ fees and costs of every kind and nature, including, but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage of property, arising out of the use, maintenance– installation, operation, possession, ownership, or rental of the items rented, despite cause.


Customer is fully aware of and acknowledges that there is a risk of injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the items contained in the Rental Agreement and hereby elects to voluntarily enter into this Agreement and assume all of the aforementioned risks.

Customer agrees to release and discharge Face Painting By Liz V from any and all responsibility or liability from such injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items. Customer further agrees to waive, release and discharge any and all claims for injury, death, or damage against Face Painting By Liz V, which customer otherwise may be entitled to assert

Customer’s right to possession of the rental items:

  • Is for the scheduled rental time period agreed to via email or text message..

  • Begins when the rental items are dropped off in the care of the customer, or when the customer accepts and or signs for the delivery of the rental items upon delivery.

  • In the absence of the renter, the equipment may be signed for by an individual designated by the renter. This individual is automatically given the legal right by the renter to accept liability for the equipment on the renter’s behalf.

  • The rental agreement terminates once FPBLV has regained possession of the rental equipment.

  • Any extension of the agreement must be agreed upon by FPBLV in writing.

  • Title of the rental items shall, at all times, remain with FPBLV.

  • Customer authorizes FPBLV to retake possession of the rental items without notice or legal process at any time, despite whether the equipment is on private property.


Customer will pay all collection fees, attorney’s fees, court costs, or any other expenses required to enforce the items and conditions of this contract. Any lawsuits that may occur between FPBLV and their customers must be filed in Los Angeles County, and any litigation will be held in a Los Angeles County Court.


The Rental Agreement may be executed or delivered by fax, or other electronic means such as email. The Rental Agreement is valid whether properly signed by the Customer or not, so long as the Customer takes possession of the rental items. It is also valid if signed by another party signing on behalf of the Customer, in which case the signing party will sign their own name, and then print C/O (Care Of) “Ordering Party.”

By signing the Terms & Conditions document and or submitting payment, I certify that I have read this document in its entirety, I fully understand and agree with this agreement. I also understand my role as a Client and the role that my Creative Director will play in the installation for my event.

Terms & Conditions form

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